Multi-asset Expertise

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Spreading the wealth

At TM Marlowe Group, we understand the importance of maintaining a diverse investment portfolio, allocating capital to different markets that don’t move up or down in lockstep. A multi-asset strategy that avoids having “all your eggs in one basket” encourages steady capital growth and at the same time minimizes risk.

smooth upward trajectory

Smoothing out growth

TM Marlowe Group is experienced in investing in many types of assets. However, approximately ninety percent of a typical client portfolio is made up of growth and income stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. These assets have a long track record of delivering reliable, steady growth with minimal long-term risk. Moreover, any short-term volatility in one class tends to be mitigated by smooth growth performance in another.

More financially-sophisticated clients may choose to allocate a portion of their portfolios to riskier investments with greater volatility but potentially higher rewards. They could include derivatives and synthetic CDOs, commodities including precious metals or even cryptocurrencies.