Logical & Thorough

Ensuring clients are comfortable with their choices.

Before we start

Before TM Marlowe Group can feel comfortable recommending a particular asset to a client, we perform painstaking due diligence to determine whether or not it’s likely to prove to be a good medium to long-term investment. We will never recommend any asset or security that our team of financial analysts has not thoroughly vetted.

Using a variety of modern analytical tools, they delve deeply into an asset’s past performance. In the case of corporate stocks and bonds, they carefully analyze the company’s current financial health and a number of macro-economic and political variables are also factored in.

Somebody analysing the financial data

Technical analysis

TM Marlowe Group analysts employ advanced technical analysis techniques to determine whether to buy, hold or sell specific assets and to identify general trends within asset classes. It has proven to be a valuable tool for helping our clients realize consistently strong financial gains.

Technical analysis is a well-established methodology for forecasting price movement based on past market price performance and trading volume. Little attention is paid directly to traditional asset fundamentals, as these are considered to be already factored into prices.

long term growth shown by time and capital

Fundamental analysis

TM Marlowe Group also makes extensive use of fundamental analysis to determine if a particular asset is a suitable investment with a strong potential for growth. Since we’re focused primarily on long-term asset growth, our analysts primarily scrutinize a company’s total sales and earnings as well as its overall assets and liabilities.

Other factors we consider include market competition and overall sector performance. Finally, macro indicators including prevailing interest, employment and inflation rates and overall GDP are also examined.