Adding Diversity To Your Portfolio

Providing exposure to specialist markets and assets.

Neutralizing bars to entry

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are similar financial vehicles that enable investors to pool their resources to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities or other assets. They’re operated by professional money managers who allocate investors’ funds to produce capital gains or income.

oil markets

Added diversification

The primary advantages of mutual funds and ETFs are that they allow for lower average trading fees, greater market diversification and high liquidity. They also offer a convenient way to invest in physical assets such as oil, sugar or gold without having to take delivery.

Guiding you through the choices

Although mutual funds and ETFs are similar in many ways, ETFs are traded on stock exchanges so their prices are updated continuously, rather than once at the end of each trading day. They are considered to be the more cost-effective and liquid investment. ETFs are also easier to manage so they include lower maintenance fees. However, ETFs do incur broker’s fees as with any stock.

TM Marlowe Group will advise clients of all fees incurred when investing in mutual funds or ETFs.

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