Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes, it really is just better to leave it to the professionals.

Discretionary portfolio

When you decide to let TM Marlowe Group manage your wealth, our first step is to get to know you. In our initial consultation meeting, we’ll seek to learn your long-term financial goals, any preferences you may have for assets to hold or avoid and, most importantly, your level of risk tolerance.

After we’ve formed a clear financial picture, we can go to work developing a custom investment portfolio that matches your needs. How your wealth is managed beyond this point is up to you.

Handling the decisions

If you prefer to have TM Marlowe Group work with you to create your investment portfolio and then take over the day-to-day management responsibilities, then you should choose our discretionary portfolio option. You can rest assured that we’ll scrupulously monitor the performance of your portfolio, making adjustments that our portfolio managers believe are appropriate, leaving you free to pursue other interests.

Of course, we’re always happy to abide by any specific instructions you provide regarding the buying, holding or selling of any asset. We’ll also keep you informed of all decisions we make on your behalf. This option has the advantage of allowing us to move quickly to take advantage of volatile markets.

difficult decisions
protecting your risk

Risk . . . managed

TM Marlowe Group will assemble a personalized portfolio comprising different classes of assets as a strategy for mitigating risk. These can include growth and income stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and hard assets such as commodities or real estate.