Spreading The Risk

Why asset allocation & diversification are so important.

The case for stocks

At TM Marlowe Group, we strive to create a diversified portfolio for each client that balances maximum growth against minimum risk. A major component is common stock. We tend to select stocks that provide excellent long-term growth while also generating passive income in the form of dividends.

A man being vigilant with his tablet computer

Uncertainty demands vigilance

A well-balanced portfolio should also include assets that serve as a hedge in times of economic uncertainty. Traditionally, hard assets such as real estate and commodities have fulfilled that function, offering significant protection against boom and bust cycles. Depending on your risk tolerance, TM Marlowe Group may recommend allocating a portion of your capital to this type of asset.

Old-fashioned reliability

Regardless of the type of assets we recommend, our selections are based on what we perceive as long-term value rather than what seems popular at the moment. We apply a variety of methodologies as we consider a potential investment, examining traditional metrics such as yield, price-to-book (P/B) and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios and cash flow. Ideally, we prefer to invest in companies offering dividends that grow over time.

How we see dividends should grow over time